Designs of a Window

Designing a window and door is not easy because the eyes  of the beholder should be considered. Preference is very important in the design. In fact, the design of window should also vary or suit with the design of the house. Designing windows is not just a just. It  must have a style that is suitable with the deign of the house.

For example:

There is a window design called Casement. This type is a window that opens inward or outward. The most important thing is to fit the window to the house. Make it open inward or outward depending on how it looks like.

Another design of a window is the slider design. Slider design does not open inward or outward because, the window slides to the left or to the right. It can also be designed from the top-down or down-top. This type is recommendable for A type houses. Windows can be tinted or not. Tinted is much better. This type is a little bit inconvenient in cleaning.

Multiple glass is another type of window that is opened by just moving the sash up and down. Multiple windows opens up but the space of the opening is limited that wind can hardly enter. For good ventilation is not advisable. But it is very beautiful and just like other types.

Another type of window is that a window that can not be opened. It is fixed as if it is just a see through outside for viewing purpose so this has to be transparent glass. In this case, you must have other vent.