How to Install a Window and Door

All houses should have a window or door. It is very necessary for all houses. Of course, the window and door frame is just a need for safety and security. Here is a guide in installing a window and door on your house.


First and foremost, measure the height and width of the space and window. It is very important to measure the dimensions in order to follow place the window in it. Have a measurement for the exact hole at the corner and drill it using a driller. Then glue the frame in every corner. Make a lock for the window maybe at the edge, center, on top, bottom, it depends on your type. Wait till the frame dries after sealing every edge of the frame to the window sill.


Measure the dimension of the door. Make sure that it is perfect fit for the door frame. Driller is needed to make holes for the hinge. After this, install the hinge with the door frame. Next, make a hole for the door knob or lock measuring the line and the door frame. Install the door lock or the door knob. All kinds of door lock have the one thing in common, that they have to be installed in the hinge jamb. This is a case for hinged door. It is very important to match the frame jamb and the lock jamb in order to keep them meet and refrain trouble in closing and opening the window.

This is a brief guide for the installation of the window and door.